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​​Creatures Professional Pet Care, LLC
 In-your-home pet sitting for domestic & exotic creatures

Creatures Professional Pet Care of Kalamazoo

Professional pet sitting, in your home, for furry, scaled, feathered, somewhat slimy, gilled and ​exoskeleton-clad pets ​in ​Kalamazoo, MI.

​​Creatures offers the following services:
Dog Walking
Although exercise needs vary based on your dog's age, breed, size and health, most dogs benefit from frequent, consistent activity. Walks can help keep your dog in good physical condition and prevent many unwanted behaviors. A tired dog is a good dog! Call to schedule mid-day walks, and we'll help your dog be healthy and behave. Check rates >

NEW! Out-and-About: Doggie Adventures In Public Manners
Out-and-About Adventures allow your dog to become more comfortable in public places and practice good manners at many of the fido-friendly businesses, and beautiful natureal areas, in the Kalamazoo area. Tami Port, MS, owner and operator of Creatures Pet Care, will take your pup Out-and-About to experience new places, and new people, all while practicing good canine manners. ​Check rates >

In-your-home Pet Sitting
Whether you're going on vacation, or working long hours, Creatures can provide your pets with TLC while you're away.  As opposed to boarding, professional pet sitting allows your creatures to enjoy all the comforts of home, while receiving quality care from an experienced professional. In-your-home care also allows you to customize services to meet the specific needs and emotional well being of your pets.​ Check rates >
Puppy Care
Puppies are loads of fun, and loads of work! If you have a new puppy, we can help, by letting your pup out, and providing play and training, while you're at work. Puppy care visits can get your baby dog to housetraining success sooner, and keep your pup happy and occupied. All puppy care packages include consultation with Creatures Pet Care owner and animal behaviorist, Tami Port, MS. Check rates >
Pet Taxi
Sometimes your schedule makes it difficult to keep pet care commitments. ​Creatures provides safe, professional transport for your pet, to locations such as the vet, groomer, dog training, dog daycare, or home sweet home. For your pets' safety, all animals ride secured, either in a crate, or harnessed to a seat belt.​ Check rates >
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