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Kalamazoo Service
Area & Rates

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We may be able to provide service.
Dog Walk or Let-out Service
Each service visit is at least 20 minutes, and customized to meet your dog's needs. Up to 2 dogs*. 
For longer sessions, Extended Pet Care Visits are  only $12 more, for each additional 20 minutes.
A la carte rate:
$25 per visit
Purchase a 20 visit multipack, and save! 
20 pack:  $475  (save 5%, like getting one visit free!)
Multipacks are good for 6 months from date of purchase. Holiday rate applies on major holidays.
In-your-home Vacation Pet Sitting
Domestic or Exotic Animals  -  In-your-home drop-in pet care for when you are on vacation, working long days, or want a night out! Each service visit is at least 20 minutes, and is customized to meet your pet's needs. For longer sessions,  Extended Pet Care Visits are available for only $12 more each additional 20 minutes. Up to 3 pets*

$25 per visit

Purchase a 20 visit multipack, and save! 
20 pack:  $475 
(save 5%, like getting one visit free!)
Multipacks are good for 6 months from date of purchase. Holiday rate applies on major holidays.​

Extended Pet Care Visit  ​
Enhance your pets playtime! Great for daytime vacation visits, long walks, training practice or companionship for your pet while you are at work!
Each service visit is at least 40 minutes, and is customized to meet your pets needs. Want even more TLC time for your pets? Additional visit extensions can be added for $12 per 20 minutes. Pets benefits from more playtime, training, special needs/care, longer walks, brushing and extra cuddling. For pocket pets, birds and exotics, this extra time can be used for enrichment and handling.
A la carte rate:
$37 per visit

Purchase a 20-visit multipack, and save!
20 pack: $665  (save 5%, like getting one visit free!))
Multipacks are good for 6 months from date of purchase. Holiday rate applies on major holidays.

Looking for multi-pack savings on pet care visits longer than 40 minutes? Call for discounted rates.

Save 10% with 20 or more consecutive vacation pet sitting visits!
NEW! Out-and-About: Dog Adventures In Public Manners
Out-and-About Adventures allow your dog to become more comfortable in public places and practice good manners at many of the Fido-friendly businesses, and beautiful outdoor spaces, in the Kalamazoo area. Tami Port, MS, owner and operator of Creatures Pet Care, will take your pup Out-and-About to experience new places, and new people, all while practicing good canine manners.
Out-and-About Adventures are great for adult dogs, and for puppies who have completed all of their puppy vaccinations. Your dog must know some basic obedience, and be people-friendly. If you are not already a Creatures Pet Care client, an initial home visit is required, so that I can meet you, your dog, and discuss your Out-and-About goals. Initial, goal-setting visit is $25. If you don't think that your dog is quite ready for Out-and-About, give me a call, and I can recommend excellent training resources to bring your pup up to speed! - Tami Port
Out-and-About Adventure rate:
First hour: $59. Additional 1/2 hour increments are $19.
Puppy Potty, Play & Manners practice
Designed for young dogs who need to be let out more than once a day. The rule of thumb is that, during the day, most puppies can hold their bladder as many  hours as they are months old.
Puppy care includes 2 visits per day, to:
- Help your pup stay on track with house-training 
- Give your baby dog a jump-start on training with basic obedience / manners practice
- Provide plenty of cuddles & play-time

Each visit is at least 20 minutes. Up to 2 dogs*.  Rates only available for 2-visit-per-day puppy care.
10 day puppy pack (20 visits): $475  (save 5%, like getting one visit free!)
20 day puppy pack (40 visits): $950  (save 10%, like getting two visits free!)
Multipacks are good for 6 months from date of purchase. Holiday rates apply. See below.
Holiday Rates
Rate on major holidays is an additional $5 per visit: New Years Eve, and New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and during the Spring Break Window (last week of March-first week of April). 

Pet Taxi
You love your pets like family. But sometimes your schedule makes it difficult to keep pet care commitments. ​We can provide s
afe, professional transport for your pet to and from the veterinary clinic, grooming salon, dog daycare or training or wherever they need to go. For your pets' safety, all animals ride secured, either in a crate, or harnessed to a seat belt.​ See the  Pet Taxi Main Page for more information.

- *Pricing for additional pets is determined on a case by case basis.
- There is a small fee of $3 for administering medication. 
   Do you get 
when you're away from
your pet? 
   Clients receive electronic 
Visit Report Cards
at the end of every session!

Including photo/message updates, arrival/departure time stamps, 
and GPS tracked walks.
I accept the following forms of payment:

Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal & payments through Facebook Messenger or Venmo 
"Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."

― Mary Anne Evans (pen name George Eliot)