With many people working from due to COVID, it can be challenging to focus on work to be done, especially when you have a dog that doesn’t understand why you can’t spend the entire day playing and going for walks.


There are many dog enrichment tools available to keep your dog happy and busy. One of the easiest, and least expensive, is to make a supply of stuffed hollow bones, horns and Kongs, to give your dog whenever you need to keep him occupied.


Hollowed out femur bones and horns can be purchased online, or from area pet supply stores. Oak Ridge Feed, on Stadium, a family-owned small business, has a large supply of these enrichment tools and a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.


You can find hollow bones and horns already stuffed with food, but it’s very easy to create your own. Mix wet dog food with your dog’s normal kibble, and you can feed your dogs entire meals this way, or just give as a snack. Red Barn semi-moist dog food, available online or at Oak Ridge, is another nutritious soft food that can be used.


Freezing first can help these treats occupy your dog for a longer time.


By Tami Guy, MS, CPPS, founder of Creatures Pet Care of Kalamazoo.